Shield Protocol brings FEM Economy as an Ecosystem Product

We are pleased to announce that Shield Protocol has partnered with FEM economy and have brought this new project under its expanding ecosystem. Shield protocol will provide technical advisory to this project.

FEM Economy is a product which works towards the betterment of women worldwide. The basic mission of this project is to empower the women giving them the opportunity to earn their livelihood by participating in this project. FEM economy will contribute towards the charities that look forward to women empowerment. Also, FEM economy aims to bring the earning power right in the hands of women and make them independent financially.

For more info about FEM:- ( Twitter: @femeconomyorg, Telegram: @femeconomyorg, Medium: @femeconomyorg, LinkedIn: @femeconomyorg, Facebook: @femeconomyorg, Instagram: @femeconomyorg ).

How will Shield Protocol and it’s users will get benefit from this partnership?

The first aim of shield protocol is always to bring a productive tool or a useful partnership that can benefit its users. This is a unique and first kind of partnership that might have happened in the crypto space.

- The working model of FEM Ecosystem is based on a tax system.
- For every Buy and sell transaction a certain percent of tax is deducted from the trader.
- FEM charges 4% Tax on every transaction.
- As a partnership deal, FEM has agreed to use 1% of that tax for $Shield buyback from market.
- This buyback can be a daily or a weekly procedure.
- This buyback will create a constant BUY Pressure on the trades which will help to increase the market cap of shield protocol. The buy pressure will also help to increase the price and the volume of shield protocol.
- $Shield Tokens bought from the market will be sent to address which will be a new rewarding pool.
- This rewarding pool will give rewards to SHIELD-FEM LP participants. Stake SHIELD- FEM earn SHIELD.
- Shield holders will be able to earn $shield by contributing to this LP.
- After this earning pool, Single staking will be launched.
- Stake Shield Earn Shield.

- Also there can be a possibility of $FEM Airdrop to shield holders.
- Launch of FEM ecosystem is scheduled for the first week of January 2022, as per FEM team.

Shield Protocol always works towards the benefit of users. This partnership will bring volume in trades, increase in MC through buyback and reward for Shield holders. As the ecosystem is evolved more, this buyback feature will be the primary condition for tie-up, so that Shield holders can see an increase in the value for the token they are holding.

Stay tuned for more updates.





SHIELD is a Second Layer Security Platform based on the Binance Smart Chain. TG

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Shield Protocol

Shield Protocol

SHIELD is a Second Layer Security Platform based on the Binance Smart Chain. TG

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