Launching Holder Rewards (Wallet category) for Shield Protocol ( $SHIELD ) Holders.

Greetings to all !!!!!

It’s been two months since Shield launched through a successful IDO. Team shield has stick to their roadmap and launched the product as committed.

Shield App features Decentralised 2FA and secure Crypto Wallet.

As we are waiting for main-net to bring Binance Smart Chain in use with Shield 2FA, alongside the team is also working to upgrade features of Wallet.

Team has Introduced Holder rewards for Shield token holders.

Shield Wallet and Holder reward program:-

Shield wallet is a BSC supported wallet which will feature tokens of Binance Smart Chain. We will randomly add new tokens in Shield wallet. But the team’s target is to make this process beneficial for Shield holders. There are more than 400+ tokens only in BSC. As you know the team has plans to integrate more chains so the same model will remain in place for those tokens in addition to other integrated chains also. Collectively more than 10,000 tokens will be listed on Shield Wallet as we move forward.

We have some conditions laid down for projects to add their BSC supported token to Shield wallet which will directly benefit all holders of Shield token. So from now on if you are a holder of a shield, you will get benefit from this reward program. It is time to reward the true holders of SHIELD — Shield Warriors.

Holder reward (Shield wallet category):-

Shield has launched Two plans to add Token in Shield Wallet::

More benefits for token holders will be released soon in the staking model.

So now HODL your SHIELD and EARN Rewards.

You are a part of First 2FA on blockchain and secure(& rewarding) crypto wallet.


SHIELD is a Second Layer Security Platform based on the Binance Smart Chain. TG

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